Advanced Security Solutions
to protect the Cyberspace

Cyber Security Services

Services to ensure the integrity of information systems, against data theft and fraud.

Compliance Services

Services you need to be sure that you can detect any problem as soon as possible hence better fix it.

Training Services

Services to identify and resolve incidents that can negatively impact your business.

Our services

With an extensive range of services to ensure secure information systems the company operates into markets such as Telco, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Education, and Government.

  • Assessment
  • Detection
  • Forensic
  • Protection
  • Research
  • Training

Francesco Mormile

Co-founder and ethical hacker

Senior Security Advisor, Intelligence Strategist, Team Leader and trainer. Francesco is a recognized security expert with more than 20 years of experience in hacking technologies and humans.

Carlo Pelliccioni

Co-founder and ethical hacker

Security enthusiast since '98, Carlo is involved in day-by-day challenges aimed to the Hacktive Security growth.


Cristian Giustini

Principal Security Consultant

Cristian is a Senior Security Specialist with a strong development background. Writing good, clean and readable code is his main obsession.

Alessandro Groppo

Ethical Hacker / Malware analyst

Alessandro is a young and enthusiastic security specialist with a deep passion for reverse engineering, malware analysis and penetration testing.

Angelo Chiarot

Senior Security Advisor

Security Auditor, Advisor, Writer, Tutor and passionate since ‘90, Angelo is involved in helping Customers to reach the appropriate security & compliance posture and awareness.

Valerio Preti

Penetration tester / Security DevOps Engineer

Valerio loves to play ctf and develop utilities aim to ease everyday challenge. He engage in looking for the most abstract, reusable and clear solution.

arcangelo saracino

Arcangelo Saracino

Ethical Hacker / ML Specialist

enrico ingenito

Enrico Ingenito

Sales Director

Sales guy security addicted since'98, Enrico is acting for today and thinking about tomorrow...

michele mariani

Michele Mariani

Penetration Tester

Matteo Lucchetti

Penetration Tester

We are hiring!

Compliance Specialist

We are hiring!

Compliance Specialist

Why choose us


High security standards, the best reference methodologies, an innovative approach and a wide know-how on the cutting edge technologies are just some points on which Hacktive Security built its identity. Aiming to excellence to preserve and protect information is the first step toward our idea about security.


Security changed from products focused on solving specific problems, to the design, support and implementation of a comprehensive, integrated solution. Hacktive Security's response to this challenge a structured approach, analyzing the scenario and risks involved, and then using this information to create a fully customized solution.


In 2010, Hacktive Security received UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for meeting the quality management systems requirements defined by the International Organization for Standardization.


PCI Certification
In 2017, Hacktive Security becomes a PCI Qualified Security Assessor company. The PCI Security Standards Council is a global open body formed to develop, enhance, disseminate and assist with the understanding of security standards for payment account security.